Daring Women: 19th-century Aerialists

Female acrobats on trapezes at circus c1890, Library of Congress A thrill went through the expectant crowd, and a breathless hush fell as Lillian took the stage. She sprang forward, caught the bar that had been let down almost level with her shoulders and was carried aloft; up and over the heads of the people;... Continue Reading →

Social Issues of the 1890s: Larrikins

Eleven months after the Freitas sisters made their debut at the Haymarket Music Hall, Sydney’s Evening News reported on this disturbance in the theatre: Larrikin was a 19th-century Australian slang term for a subculture that developed among the unskilled urban youth in the inner city suburbs between 1870 and 1890. Larrikins congregated around the theatre... Continue Reading →

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