Down the Rabbit Hole: Research

One of my favourite writers is Emma Donoghue, author of the best-selling Room, but I particularly like her book of short stories The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits. In the foreword, Emma writes: [This] is a book of fictions, but they are also true. Over the last ten years, I have often stumbled over... Continue Reading →

Sequah: Medicine Man

On securing lodgings at the Central Hotel in Auckland, they were confronted with a most extraordinary sight. A man dressed in the manner of Buffalo Bill — fringed buckskin, a wide-brimmed sombrero, and long flowing locks down to his shoulders — pulled up outside the hotel in a four-horse golden chariot. ‘What on earth is... Continue Reading →

Madame Cora de Lamond: Magicienne

Madame Cora came forward to greet them. Over her greying hair, she’d draped a spangled, gauzy black fabric which, despite being torn in a few places, gave the impression of an Indian sari. She cultivated an air of eccentricity; whether it was for effect or to discomfort them, Lillian wasn’t sure. First of all, she... Continue Reading →

Listicles: Best books

I’m a sucker for end of year lists – making order out of chaos, taking stock, did I miss something? For the last six years, I’ve kept a notebook of the books I’ve read, with a short summary on each. Last year I wasn’t very motivated to write them up and may have forgotten a... Continue Reading →

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